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Risotto, wild dock leaf with teriyaki Szechuan Pepper and Black locust flower

Risotto, wild dock leaf with teriyaki Szechuan Pepper  and Black locust flower 

We are not going to detail the process how making a risotto, this little article is to put in highlight the dock leaf and the black locust flower witch are both two plant quiet interesting for cooking.
The leaf of the Rumex obtusifolius are edible and i am now using them very often in salad or for this time as a substitute for rolling the risotto like a sushi. 
In companion with teriyaki szechuan pepper and the black locust flower, it make an easy and simple dishes ( adding some caramelized onion and parsnip will be more better ) 
Cooking them just 2 to 5mn in hot water and cooling them down in cold water is for me a good way to preserve the nutritious content and the color of this leaf. According of the cooking time, you can adjust the fibrous texture of the leaf and his bitterness 
After that, it is just a step to roll the rice in it with some onion and vegetables.
Teriyaki sauce 
1 teaspoon soy 3 tablespo…

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